Unlock Cricket USA Samsung Phone/Tablet

It is very easy to unlock your Cricket Samsung phone/tablet. Submit your IMEI, be whitelisted, enter your Samsung Unlock code, and enjoy network freedom.

IMEI / Serial Number:

What is my IMEI number If your device doesn't have an IMEI number (eg iPad), please use Serial Number.
Unlock Cricket USA Samsung Phone/Tablet

Unlock Samsung Cricket


How to unlock your phone for any SIM card in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Submit your IMEI

With our direct connection to all the manufacturer databases, we instantly detect your phone model and network using just your IMEI number.

No other unlock company can do this.

Step 2: We whitelist your IMEI

We mark your IMEI as unlocked in your manufacturer's database which is then synced with your network. This typically takes a few hours.

You can continue to use your phone as normal during this time.

Step 3: Unlock your phone

We'll then send you an email to inform you that phone is unlocked - some manufacturers such as Samsung will require you to enter a code whilst others such as Apple will unlock immediately over-the-air using your Wifi or mobile data connection.

What does carrier-lock mean?

When a device is carrier-locked it means they can only subscribe to data plans by one carrier. If you’re carrier-lock to Cricket Wireless, you can only choose subscriptions from within the carrier.

This American wireless service provider is owned by AT&T and it has a large number of subscribers, but a very specific coverage. This means if you move domestically to a place not covered by Cricket USA network you will either struggle with slow internet or no internet at all.

If you’re unlucky and your new place is not covered by this carrier, you will have a useless phone unless you unlock it. Carrier-locked phones cannot even use other wireless networks and must maintain the original subscription service.

Are there benefits from Unlocking my Cricket Wireless Samsung phone?

There are plenty of perks when unlocking a carrier locked device. First, you will earn network freedom. The chance of signing up for any subscription with no termination fees involved will be at your feet. You can travel without worries and stay connected at all times. Always at more economical prices, and most likely with faster internet.

How does the Unlocking process occur?

The unlocking process at iPhoneIMEI is quite easy and requires little to no effort on your part. You must first submit your IMEI and we will take it from there. Once we have your IMEI, we will whitelist your phone in the manufacturer’s servers. It will take up to one day for this process to happen. Via email, we will send the Samsung Unlock Code. The instructions for the final step will guide you through entering the code. Once the code is in, your phone is free for any global wireless network.

What does iPhoneIMEI.net do?

The International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI is a harmless number. It is unique to each SIM device. The IMEI allows the carriers to be able to identify the subscribers by transmitting the IMSI or International Mobile Subscriber identity.

With the IMEI we will be able to confirm your carriers and unlock your phone at the manufacturer’s server. Overall IMEI is the number that identifies your phone individually for network usage purposes.

How safe is this process?

This process is very safe, and 100% legal. While your IMEI is not sensitive information, we value your privacy. That is why we keep your data secure at all times. Our service doesn’t use any third-party software that could mess with your information. And we don’t require any hardware alteration which could render your warranty void.

Overall, unlocking your Samsung phone is safe, and private when using iPhoneIMEI’s services.

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