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Check iPhone Blacklisted / Stolen. Dont know where to get IMEI ? Click here to learn how to get your phone IMEI number
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Free iPhone blacklist check description

(This service will let you know if your iPhone is Blacklisted / Lost / Stolen or not)

This Premium blacklist checking service will give you 100% exact result about your iPhone blacklist status from CheckMEND database with cheaper price, faster speed and easier to track your order!

If you're seriously looking for a blacklist checker, you shouldn't trust any other Free services because they are not 100% exact! We are an official reseller of CheckMEND (Recommended by eBay) and our Premium checking service will give you the trusted result.

You should check your iPhone IMEI is blacklisted or clean before making a decision to buy it from anyone! Because that iPhone maybe Blacklisted / Lost / Stolen, you shouldn't buy any iPhones marked as Blacklisted.

This check just giving you the result of Blacklisting information, this is NOT an unlocking service. If you are looking for an unlocking service, please check Official iPhone Unlock

Free iPhone Blacklist Check

Example result of iPhone blacklist check

Status: Blocked

Status: Clean

Once you completed the payment, we will send you an email including the checking result in 1-2 minutes.

Check iPhone IMEI is Blacklisted / Stolen / Barred or Clean for FREE. This blacklist check is worldwide, any iPhones from any countries are also supported
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